Sell a TON of Art on Redbubble

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This course shows you specific strategies to dominate Redbubble.

The first product I ever sold, a T-Shirt, was from Zazzle back in 2013. I was so excited I showed all my friends the sales email, some haters (you George) didn't even believe that someone would buy the silly designs I had made from commercial-free fonts online. Fast forward a year later, 2014, I just sold my 1,000th product on Redbubble, a purple t shirt with my FRESH logo on it. I was so happy, and even more happy that the product happened to be this shirt.

Out of all the sites I sold my art on, Redbubble got the most sales for my art. Over time, with my interest in SEO and writing good copy, I dialed in a Redbubble specific strategy to sell more artwork At the time I write this I have over 16,000 sales on Redbubble alone, having sold something every day since Nov 2013.

I will introduce you to a formula for your success, and how to manipulate the variables, like views & conversions, through easy and targeted strategies. We will talk about your profile, collections, activity, titles, descriptions and tags, and more. We will discuss the good, better, and best ways to promote your art for free online. No spending money on ads. Just search engine traffic generating consistent sales.

I look forward to sharing these strategies with you. I get great joy seeing others be as excited as I was when I started selling my art. I know you will get many times your value back from this course.

I want this!

You'll get a best-selling video course packed with simple and effective strategies you can implement today

General Strategies & Success Formula
Your Profile
Artwork Tips
Maximizing Titles, Descriptions & Tags
Promoting your Works
Continued Success
Staying Organized
Comparing Tags with Adwords
Copy product URL


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Sell a TON of Art on Redbubble

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I want this!