EVERYTHING Bundle 👨‍💻 Prompt Engineering for Programmers

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Become a Code GOD with THE skill of the Decade

Welcome to the dojo, where You'll Train to be a Master of AI-assisted coding. Unlike other training, you'll get right to the practical lessons needed to maximize your return working with AI code generation. You'll get priceless value: time, and better results.

Take this training once, and benefit for the rest of your life.

You'll learn techniques and workflows to turn free AI tools like ChatGPT into your personal assistant for programming. Unleash the full power of AI coding to build real apps and unlock new opportunities, like making 10k a month from coding grants, and even more from clients and SASSes.

You'll get tons of resources to save you so much time, and leave with a deep understanding of coding with AI. I spent 15 years at the cutting edge of code, 9 years as an online teacher, and it's my mission to help you unlock the potential of your brightest ideas.

Your prompts will gently scroll with quality code, coalescing into complete projects, giving you back your time. You will know the fundamentals and why they work so well you 'll be a thought leader in an emerging space.

This is ELITE training built to make you an AI prodigy.

It's not as easy as you think, that's why we're here.

My goal is to not only give you instant results with our Custom GPTs and Cogo personality. You will gain a mastery of the language, commands, and prompt flows LLMs understand. We will use multiple prompting techniques to generate complex projects that ChatGPT will propose to you, request modifications, and generate code. You just sit back as ChatGPT, etc, returns each component in a separate response.

These techniques will help you with prompts of all kinds.

In addition to our in-house training, I'll link you to evergreen resources including the top AI + ML papers in relevant categories, our custom coding GPTs, and of course, prompts. By combining the core skills and resources for the future, you'll stay ahead of the rest.


All this for less than two day's tuition at a private US university*. As new AI models come and go, your command of this core skill will be your greatest asset as a coder, and I predict this training will lift your career for decades to come.

*- source

🤔 This skill is worth $ 330,000+ a year (source)

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Building things with ChatGPT, Claude, LLaMA + more
    • Prompt styles like Chain of Thought, Tree of Thought + More
    • Custom GPTs
    • Walkthroughs, examples
  • Learn faster, code faster
    • Prompt Engineering Primer (PDF + Video course) included
    • Improve existing code with documentation, unit testing, and functionality
    • Organize a full project, wrote pseudocode, and get each function automagically

Includes 1,000+ code-project prompts you can use with the provided prompts and custom GPTs to bootstrap entire projects.

What's in the bundle???

Note: 'Prompt Engineering for Programmers' (100+ pages) is the main training, these are extra resourses bundled together. You'll get new products for free as a lifetime member when you click "Buy this".

+ more

About your Instructor (github@dougbutner)

  • Douglas Butner is an experienced teacher with over 9 years of experience and 2,000+ 5-star reviews. Douglas released his first web app at age 16, which he coded in PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript and CSS. He is passionate about teaching others to code and build their own apps and ideas.

Feedback from this training

Some reviews from previous courses.

All updates included in the price, forever.

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I'll see you inside.
- Douglas Butner (aka Gudasol)

Career Skill estimated value: $175k-330k+ yearly
Fair Trade price $̶4̶9̶8̶ $360* 🤝

  • Priced to be less than 2 days of classes at US universities.This price also helps keep the training in just a few hands, giving you an earned advantage.
  • Now lowered to $256 for a limited time


How do I access the training?

You'll get instant access after purchase. All current + future resources, including updates, are available to lifetime members.

Why should I learn from you?

You are investing in yourself.

Do I have to pay monthly? Do I have to pay for an AI coding tool?

No, and maybe.

The Lifetime membership (Gumroad exclusive) is like it says, for life. The course is accessible for life + updates instantly via Gumroad + Notion.

Price: $360 one-time payment (Now $256)

You do not need to pay for any AI tools - the free versions of ChatGPT and other coding AI tools like Claude, Wizard, codellama LLaMA2-70b, and specialized LLMs like starcode work great. Custom GPTs do require ChatGPT pro.

Note: The price may go back to $360 or higher any time.

How long will it take to get the benefits?

Instant improvement with Cogo prompts, GPTs + parameter syntax. Full comprehension time varies (days to months).

What is Gumroad?

A trusted marketplace for video, PDF delivery, and post-purchase communication. Accepts Stripe and PayPal.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do. You can learn about it here.

Do I need a Notion account to get the resource?

No. Viewable with no sign-up, or register for free to save in your Notion account for easy access.

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Refund Policy

As an informational product, it is not refundable refunds as we do not own a memory eraser nor do we condone the practice. Please be confident before buying, and understand you actually have to read + apply the training to get the full benefit.

Last updated Oct 13, 2023

Learn in-demand coding skills to advance your career. Learn to maximize AI tools to code faster and smarter.

Prompt Engineering for Programmers
De-facto Notion Digital Resource + PDF
Prompt Engineering Primer
90min Video Course
Context, faster + better
Learn hands-on
Project manager
1000+ Code Prompts
PDFs + Notion Resources
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Full Access + Discord Role
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EVERYTHING Bundle 👨‍💻 Prompt Engineering for Programmers

7 ratings
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