Digital Nomad Masterclass (Coupon $39)

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This course will take you from stationary with no online income, to traveling the world, financially secure, without limitations or worries. 


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You'll Get

  • 15 Video Lessons
  • Digital Nomad Income spreadsheet (Tons of income streams)
  • Invaluable advice from a seasoned Nomad (5+ years and still going!)
  • My personal contact (Whatsapp) to connect

Have you wondered how Digital Nomads make it work?

Have you always wanted to explore the world, experience different cultures, and turn your laptop into your office?

Have you seen a travel blogger’s instagram and wished you could do the same?

Does the idea of making a living from your laptop seem pretty tight?

Are you evaluating the idea of saying goodbye to your stationary life, and starting a new life on the road?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! I know it may seem like a huge, far-off goal to be living on the road making a living from your laptop, but this course will show you how to get started right now, and then guide you every step of the way.

This course not only focuses on teaching you all best the ways to earn online income, but also contains a full guide to prepare you for the travel process of being a digital nomad in 2023.

We'll start reviewing the MENTAL aspect, which will help you to:

Replace any limiting belief that may holding you back from navigating your way around the world.

Adopt a travel mindset that can change your life.

Then, we'll go in detail about every FINANCIAL aspect of being a digital nomad:

All the ways to make income as a Digital Nomad

The four categories of expenses

How to manage Income and Expenses especially during the first months.

Specific jobs, employers, and websites to kick-start your income streams

Finding your Perfect Income for your skills

Finally, we will review the LOGISTICAL aspect for making your travel time cheaper, easier and happier:

  • The best process to pick your perfect location to start.
  • All the options for lodging and how to choose well
  • How to pack smart, the ultimate guide
  • How to find every choice of transportation for your travel style
  • Our best tips for securing fast internet everywhere you go
  • The most useful hacks for the digital challenges of the nomad life
  • Life-saving apps and sites for digital nomads
  • Ideas to have fun for free, and for any budget
  • Tips for securing your health, wealth, safety and social life

For the final lesson, we will go through the full transition from stationary life to digital nomad STEP by STEP.

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Digital Nomad Masterclass (Coupon $39)

0 ratings
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